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Well the last few months have been hectic around these parts. There were April, May and June sets underway. But I didn't have a chance to finish them off good and proper for you folks. I thought I'd make up for it by getting my July set out early. If I have the time I'll also finish off the other mixes in progress at some point.

Paul Beynon - July … 2008

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I've managed to get back on track in the studio. It all started with a piece I worked on early on a Monday morning with my good friend Andre Hine called Fukovyabic . We worked solidly for a few hours and I think we managed to put down a pretty chunky roller. One thing's for sure, it definitely got me back into the swing of things and since I've made good progress on a number of new beats and pieces. There's also a few loops I've got floating around which may end up turning out alright, so I'll keep you posted. I think the stand out production for me though would have to be East . I laid it out one afternoon and at first I wasn't sure whether it was worth continuing. But I was reassured when I went downstairs to fix myself a cup of tea and the other members of the household told me that it was sounding pretty sweet. I finished off the arrangement and after playing it out a few times sat down for a long mixdown session. It was definitely a challenge and I hope you find the results worth all the time.

Recent musical highlights out and about Melbourne town would include watching Nathan Haines perform at Miss Libertine with Mike Patto and Vanessa Freeman . The trio put together a great show and I was lucky enough to have them round for tea that morning. We managed to score the downstairs room at La Di Da earlier last month to celebrate my little sisters 23rd birthday and Stu and Amy's departure for Europe. Stuart , Jamie and Andre joined me behind the decks and I must say that the boys put on quite a show. I'm defintely looking forward to doing it again in the near future. The pinnacle for me was definitely seeing Anthony Pappa play at Brown Alley. I got to play an hour of mostly original material in the side room to a jam packed audience. Thanks to all who came and for those that missed out, stay chooned because I'll be putting up a recreation of the hour in the next week or so.

This month's mix contains a lot of tracks that I've wanted to include in mixes over the last nine months that haven't fit in anywhere. You'll notice that there is a fair few Cocoon tracks featured in this mix. That was a complete accident on my part. But it really goes to show the diversity of their releases over the last year. I was also able to include the master I did for Stuart McKeown's remix of Pole Folder's Radio101 . Unfortunately, I couldn't submit it in time for the official release. But it was still great fun and I was happy with the results. Hopefully next time I can get the master finished before the release date. Another notable inclusion would be the Luna City Express remix of New-Zealander Simon Flower's Shinjuku Skyline . It's got that weird techy-prog sound with a little bit of smooth house thrown in for good measure. Another favourite is Boris Werner's remix of Matthias Tanzmann's , Keep On . I recently rediscovered his Moon Harbour Flights Volume 2 mix and it's been on heavy rotation for the last few months. Keep on was featured on Tanzmann's Restless album which came out in February this year. If you're into the Moon Harbour house sound, it's definitely worth a listen.

Paul Beynon - July 2008
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